11 Things You Should Know About a Man Before Dating Him

11 things you should know about a man before dating him

Do you want to ask a guy out or do you hope that soon he will? Perfect! But first you should know if he is a compatible person with Dating you and if you accept his life as it is, by finding out the following things:

11 things you should know about a man before dating him

#1 Your marital status

Essential! Knowing if you are in love married, separated or divorced is essential to accept or not accept a dating. It would also be good for you to know if the last relationship they had ended a while ago or is too recent.

#2 If you have children

This is also necessary for you to know before you go out with him. Not because having children is a reason to reject it, but because a man with children has other priorities than those without.

#3 If he is a womanizer

This can be a deciding factor. Knowing if he is a womanizing and unfaithful man makes you really locate and understand who you are with. After knowing it, you decide if you want to go ahead or not.

#4 If you have addictions

I’m not saying that because you’re addicted to something you should reject it, but it’s an important fact to know. Alcohol, drugs, gambling and even cigarettes can affect the relationship. How about a sex addict? You’ll have to think about it!

#5 If you work or are kept

I think no one likes to date a man who is supported by their parents or who is lazy. Therefore, this is a good fact to know what kind of man you are about to date.

#6 Your religion or political ideas

This is a very important point if religion or politics are decisive in your life. Imagine in that case the fact of going out with someone from the opposite party, it can be a disaster.

#7 His passions

Knowing what you love is good information to think about whether you can be compatible or not. Knowing if he loves sports, reading, animals, etc., will give you an idea of ​​what kind of man he is.

#8 If you have a family and who you live with

Do you live with friends? Only? With his family? With his ex? Do not forget to know this important fact of his life. Someone who lives with their parents is not the same as someone who lives alone.

#9 If educated

The level of education may matter a lot to you if you are academic and looking for someone similar to you.

#10 If he is possessive and obsessive

Data about his previous relationships or what women say about him can be important before going on a Dating. Possessive, jealous and obsessive men are not good for anyone. Do not miss: Alert: The men we should avoid

#11 if immature

I don’t want to tell you that if he’s an immature guy you shouldn’t go out with him, maybe they’re absolutely compatible and you’ll have fun dating a man who does boyish things, but it’s always better to know in advance. Maybe you don’t like it at all!


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